I have been running my hawker stall for 38 years now. Before that I worked as an electrical contractor with my brother for 20 years. That was an interesting experience. .

I took over the stall from my father-in-law when be was retiring. A friend helped me start Tuck Kee, he was from Ipoh. I learnt how to cook from him and perfected the dish overtime. Definitely a lot of hard-work and dedication has brought Tuck Kee to where it is today and I have enjoyed every moment of it.

There is no one to take over the stall after I retire. Being a hawker is not easy. You need a lot of practice and experience to ensure that the taste is consistent. It is a skill that can’t be learnt over-night. It’s also very difficult for young kids to bear the heat inside the hawker centre and work for long hours.

It might sound boring that I have been cooking the same dishes for 38 years but the gratification comes from the appreciation and compliments I have received from my customers over the years.

Tan Kim Chwee, Tuck Kee (Ipoh) Sah Hor Fun #02-40 @ Hong Lim Food Centre

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