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Hawkers of SG #63 – Tian Tian Yuan

Tian Tian Yuan is a family business which was started by my father. This dessert stall which my father used to run was then passed down to me in the 1950s. Back then, we had our stall at the Queens theatre in Geylang road and in the 1970s, we then moved over to start our stall at Tiong Bahru Market. My father was really passionate about running his dessert stall business and so when he passed on due to his ailing health, I felt that it was my duty to continue to run the family business.

I think one challenge that I face as a hawker owner would be when I am faced with unreasonable customers. Sometimes they tend to behave in an entitled manner or have unreasonable expectations. Thankfully, we do come across nice customers too. Manpower is generally not an issue for me as well as I realise I am generally able to hire hawker assistants to work for me. It helps that some of my family members come down to help out at the stall too.

I usually reach the stall at about 9am every morning and spend about 3 hours for  preparation. We usually begin our operations at noon  and I will continue working throughout the day until about 6pm where I will begin close my stall for the day.

Throughout my hawker journey, I  wouldn’t say that I have a particular memory that I am most fond of. I am someone who just lives day by day and takes each day as it comes.

Despite my tough lifestyle, I am still motivated to work hard. Food is my passion and it’s great to be working in an industry that you are truly passionate about.

I would recommend all to come and try Cheng Teng.  Since my father’s time, the recipe for the Cheng Teng has remained the same. This traditional dessert is sure to bring a smile across your face.  Come, place and order with WhyQ and try it for yourself!

Tian Tian Yuan Dessert House (#02-15)

Tiong Bahru Market

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