Father & Son

Father & Son

Hawkers of SG #64 – Father & Son

My journey as a hawker began in one of the lowest points in my life.  Then, I was lost in life due to many failures experienced. After much respite and contemplation, I finally decided to pick myself up again to start from ground zero, working as a hawker, together with my family.

Being a hawker owner certainly has its changes but my family has 2 healthy stalls now and we are used to the work already. The challenges I face are more of the uncertainties and unknown paths that I’m pioneering into as I’m doing quite a few things on top of just hawkering. For instance, bringing attention to hawker culture, training aspiring hawkers and giving talks at institutions. I’m also looking at creating a hawkers management company.

In the recent years, I realised that the general sentiment has changed from viewing hawkering as low class to a job to one that is being looked up upon. To personally experience this mindset shift as a hawker is something I consider very heartwarming.

Throughout my 5 years as a hawker, I’m used to waking up at 5-6am to workout then work another 10-12 hours at the stall. I’ll do social media marketing in between free time.Right now, I’m only working at the stall during the peak hours.

Being the last line of defence since the day I held up the spatulas is what motivates me at work. I learnt that in life to be happy, we have to look beyond our usual likes and dislikes. Honestly, who would like to be in a hot and oily environment for more than half a day and FOMOing when everyone else is having ‘fun’ enjoying TGIF. I think it is important to learn to be a happy person first and work willingly, instead of constantly pursuing happiness from external motivations. Extrinsic motivations just don’t last.

Anyway, our stall sells carrot cake and Char Kuay Teow but it really doesn’t matter which dish you choose! Just visit the hawker center more often with your family 🙂

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