Longhouse Lim Kee Beef Noodles

Longhouse lim kee beef noodles hawkers of sg whyq delivery

Hawkers of SG #82 – Longhouse Lim Kee Beef Noodles

Longhouse Lim Kee beef noodles was handed over to me by my father. We started out as street hawkers, selling beef noodles at Bugis Street. Back then, I would always help my father out at the stall after school and I guess that was what ignited my passion for cooking! Eventually, in Year 2000, we opened our stall at Golden Mile Food Centre.

Everyday, I will reach my stall at 9.30am and take 1.5 hours to prepare the food. We begin operations at about 11am and only close at 8pm. But throughout the day, we keep our beef broth bubbling away on a fire so that the flavours continue to develop and intensify. At the same time, we constantly prepare the food and ingredients as we want to ensure our ingredients are as fresh as possible when served to our customers.

As a hawker, one of the most memorable moments would be when I receive sincere praises for my food. I have even encountered some customers who tell me that their family has been ordering our beef noodles since their grandfather’s generation. To know that our beef noodles are enjoyed across the generations makes me happy.

A hawker’s journey is a tough one but I am still motivated to work hard because I want to be able to provide a comfortable life for my family and myself.

I recommend everyone to try my mixed beef hor fun. The beef slices are tender and the hor fun is packed in a flavorful beef broth that is simmered for hours. Order a bowl and try it for yourself!

Longhouse Lim Kee Beef Noodles (#B1-21)
Golden Mile Food Centre
(Delivery available via WhyQ)