My father started selling food in 1960 as a street vendor, then in 1983 we set up a stall in Chinatown Complex when the government built it for hygiene and safety purposes.

I started helping my Father when I was 8 years old. He taught me how to kill the chicken because back then no one supplied meat. We used to go to the market early in the morning to select chicken and do everything on our own.

When I was young I had no choice. I had to run the family business. My father asked me to sit down, I have to sit down. My Father said work at the stall, I have to work at the stall. My son doesn’t want to run my Hawker Stall, he is an engineer. He won’t take my place.

Lee Leong Chee, Tai Weng Hainanese Chicken Rice #02-39 @ Chinatown Complex Food Centre

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