I’m a 3rd generation hawker and this is my 32nd year operating in Maxwell Food Centre. I started learning from a young age by watching my granny cook. It was very interesting and as kids we were expected to help out at the store when we can.

I will come to Maxwell at 3 AM everyday to start preparing and cooking the ingredients for the day. It is a taxing job as I sleep for about 2-3 hours everyday and when hardly see my children as we run on different sleep cycle. But when I hear them entering the house when I’m resting, my heart is at ease as I know that they are home safe. But we organise holiday trips to spend time together as a family.

It is a fufilling job to have as I have seen some of my customers grow up and start a family. They will bring their children over to have my dessert. It is a heartwarming sight and this makes it hard to me to let go of this store despite my old age.

75 PeanutsSoup #01-57 @ Maxwell Food Centre

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