WhyQ On-Demand is now available

WhyQ On-demand. Hawker cravings, instantly satisfied.

Satisfying your hawker cravings just got easier. We have recognised your yearning for hawker food ASAP, instead of the fixed delivery timings. Fret not, as with our upgraded offering – WhyQ on-demand– you’ll have more flexibility in ordering hawker food.

Why this rocks!

WhyQ on-demand benefits, ASAP delivery at a flat delivery fee, and multiple stalls in a single check-out.

At a flat delivery fee of $4.99 or $6.99 (location-dependent), you get to order from multiple hawker stalls from the same hawker centre! More than 20 over hawker centres on the WhyQ platform are now eligible for on-demand delivery! To find out if your preferred hawker centre is eligible, head over to www.whyq.sg or WhyQ App (don’t forget to use the updated app version!) and verify.

Here’s how it works!

Here’s a special treat for you to celebrate our launch. Use promo code <NOW15>* for 15% OFF your on-demand delivery orders. This promo can be used multiple times and is valid for a limited time period only! *Other T&Cs apply.

Head over to www.whyq.sg or log in to WhyQ App now (Available on both iOS and Android) to satisfy your hawker cravings instantly!